Calabria, which is a region of Italy that gives us the best fruits of the land for millennium, has beautiful peach and citrus groves, here born the bergamot, the licorice plant, the oregano and the chilly pepper; it is a land covered by ancient olive tree groves which originates an excellent golden-yellow extra-virgin olive oil. From the same earth, an unique wine has been procuced, its name is well known to connoisseurs: the Cirò which it is said that is the most ancient wine in the world. 
In this area, known for great red DOC wines and also for excellent white wines and fragrant rosé wines, here ZITO produces its wines since 1870; nowadays VINICOLA ZITO cultivates 100 hectars of vineyards of several grape variety: Sangiovese, Greco Bianco, Magliocco, Greco Nero and above all Gaglioppo which is the the ancient native vines in the area of Cirò. It is appreciated for its particular characteristics and enhanced by the passion of the men which work supported by the up-to-date vinification techniques. The favourable location of the vineyards on the rolling hills between the Sila and the Ionian Sea, causes the specific aromatic note of the wines of this area which are ripe, rich and full-bodied.