The family Zito produces wine for the past 4 generations. The art of cultivating grapes is a passion born in the 1870 when Stefano Zito begun a long tradition about wine which has been handed down over time and today carried on by Valentino Zito and his brothers with the same passion ever. With the VISION of being the most prestigious Calabrian producer of wine, Zito believes in the rispect of territory,and aims at a high quality of grapes which have been accurately selected.

The company knows the importance of giving excellent produts, in effect it invests in experimentation, innovation and in the competence of his houman resources.The passion and the attachment to the land, together with love and attention in chasing day by day all the phases of vineyard preparation and of grapes maturation, in addition to experience and knowledge of technique and territory are the foundamental characteristics for the success of Zito in producing the finest calabrian wine: the Cirò.

Land of Italy:

Un territorio ricco
di tradizioni e cultura.


ZITO around the World:

L’export in continua crescita di un’Azienda solida e affidabile.